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As seen on TV, Dr. Alman is a sought-out expert on stress management and mindfulness, and is the founder of TruSage International.

He teaches live events and workshops around the world, can be hired for keynote speaking, media appearances, and has authored several self-help books.

As a wellness industry mentor, Dr. Alman offers trainings (in-person & online) for doctors, healthcare providers, coaches & other wellness professionals. Contact him for more information!



Dr Brian Alman, Ph.D. is one of the leading mind-body stress experts in the world using clinically-proven mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, guided imagery and self-efficacy  tools to help people let go of the past and present challenges from relationships, subconscious patterns  and traumas so they may live happier, more  successful (inside and out)  resilient lives. 

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“Dr Brian Alman’s approach to healing is effective and well balanced. I recommend it.”

-Deepak Chopra

-Deepak Chopra

“For the last 15 years I’ve been referring clients of mine to Dr Brian Alman who I consider as one of the leading mind experts in the world. Any of our clients that are having difficult issues: either mental or emotional obstacles they want to get rid of, deep levels of stress that they want to release. We send them over to Brian Alman and I can tell you that for the last 15 years, all I hear from my clients is ‘Wow! Thank you! Absolutely amazing work that he did with me!’”

- John Assaraf

NY Times Bestselling Author “Having It All” & “The Answer”

CEO of Neurogym


"Brian is one of the most sensitive, insightful, and helpful people I have ever met. He is one of those people you hope will long outlive you. Why? Because he will not only continue to provide his wonderful advice for a healthier and more harmonized existence till you leave this earth, but he will be the one who will be loudly thankful for what you gave back to him; celebrating the lives he has, with all his learning and care, so graciously made healthier and richer. I'm blessed to call Brian my friend."

-Arlene Harris, Entrepreneur, known as the “First Lady of Wireless”

-Arlene Harris, Entrepreneur, known as the “First Lady of Wireless”


“Brian has such compassion for people. He doesn’t treat you as if he is a superstar. He is just someone who really has absolute compassion for you as a human, keeps in contact with you over the years, just goes out of his way to make sure you are alright. If you ever need anything he’s there for you. His skill set is just beyond compare. He works with every type of personality and is able to find people who have been lost and so he helps bring them back into feeling safe, comforted and able to move forward with their lives.”

- Diana Bishop, Kaiser Permanente Health Foundation

- Diana Bishop, Kaiser Permanente Health Foundation


“I would say that over the years I’ve certainly referred to Dr Alman several hundred patients and I’ve been very impressed with the approach. It has been helpful dealing with psychological symptoms and with biomedical symptoms. What he does has been accomplished in very small numbers of visits like 1, 2 or 3 and hence is affordable to people who could not afford conventional psychotherapy which is ongoing and hence costly, etc.”

-Dr Vincent Felitti, Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSD, Co-Principal Investigator of the Ace Study

-Dr. Vincent Felitti, Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSD, Co-Principal Investigator of the Ace Study


“I’ve been a client of Brian Alman’s for many years and Brian has changed my life. Not only is Brian helpful to me, but I have to tell you that it’s a delight to be with him because Brian has a positive attitude. Frankly, being with Brian is like being entertained and being in a feel good session, rather than working trying to solve a problem.”

-Marty Cooper, Inventor of the Cell Phone

-Marty Cooper, Inventor of the Cell Phone