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Being in optimal health is not just a matter of staying in physical shape.  You must stay in shape mentally which includes exercising your mind, giving you the mental strength and mental toughness to be your best everyday in every situation. I can give you the exact techniques for you to improve your mental fitness that are being used by Olympic and professional athletes, CEO's, salespeople, managers and various other walks of life who have become successful in their lives.  I have literally trained thousands of people in the fundamentals of mental fitness.

The techniques you are going to learn will give you the edge you’ve always hoped for. Plus, they are clinically proven.

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It is hard to believe that almost 7 years ago the sport I loved so much would have caused me so much pain. I was a division one college softball player, and softball was my passion and at that time a large part of my identity.

One afternoon during practice, I was playing centerfield and chasing down a ball. I ended up colliding with the left fielder and injuring my ribs, neck, jaw, and shoulder. I never imagined that this collision would’ve ended my career or caused me so much e motional and physical pain in the years to come.

One year after the injury, the physical pain persisted, and the emotional pain worsened. My body was a powerhouse that I had taken for granted. Now, it was letting me down, and I was angry, depressed, and confused. My mind and body were no longer communicating, and I had no idea how to start the conversation.

I spent nights awake, unable to physically get into a comfortable sleeping position. During these tireless nights, I researched people that had similar injuries. I was looking for solutions, answers, and people to relate to. I had gotten MRI’s, X-rays, CT scans, and consulted with doctors, but they could not find anything. I often wondered if I was going insane and making up this pain. Sometimes, I even hoped that something would show up on the scan because at least then, I would know the cause of this pain.

Deep down, I knew it was there.

The next seven years, I would go on medications and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on alternative health treatments. I felt desperate and guilty for all the money I was spending on these treatments. Although these treatments significantly helped, they were not solving the core issue. I had spent all these years focused on my body, and it never occurred to me to focus on my mind, the emotional piece of the injury. I started seeing a psychotherapist on a bi-weekly basis in April 2016. I came to realize how many of my symptoms were stemming from something deeper, often leading to the physical pain. During these past seven years, I experienced addiction, depression, food issues, isolation, and anxiety. It was almost like I forgot how to be happy, how to interact with friends and family, and how to be myself. Simple pleasures seemed like tasks that I would constantly put off. I was always one appointment away from finding the solution.

Although I still spend quite a bit of money on alternative healthcare, I have made massive improvements. I have a thriving career, a supportive family, a devoted husband, and a strong body. I have a lot to be thankful for, but that does not mean I do not have set backs. I still battle the emotional demons and some days I wonder if they will ever go away. I realize life takes a lot of work, but I am willing to put in the work. I am willing to continue to learn, and I’m hopeful that my story will help others along the way.

During a visit to my hometown in San Diego, California this past December, I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Alman. I went into this meeting with no expectations and didn’t know what would be discussed. I had not planned on having over an hour session with Dr. Alman. It was a unique session because my dad was also in the room. We would be doing a session together. My dad has been an instrumental part of my healing process. He has been there for me through some of my darkest days. Whether in person or over the phone, he has always supported and helped me through this journey. He has seen me. For those of you that have experienced chronic pain, I believe you will understand when I say how important it is to find someone in your life that not only understands and supports you, but sees you. What I mean by this is the person knew who you were before this pain, and they know that you are doing everything in power to beat it, that you aren’t crazy, and that you want to get better no matter how long it takes.

I learned a lot of techniques and lessons from Dr. Alman. The most important technique I took away was the power of saying my name with my breath. Dr. Alman had me cho ose a word, and I picked “focus.” Repeatedly, I would take deep breaths while saying out loud, “focus Mary.” The power of the breath is truly one of the greatest gifts. After my injury, I had difficulty with deep breathing. I had to retrain my body, and I do not take the breath for granted. The power of saying my name is so important because it reminds me to be myself. You would think it would be the easiest thing in the world to be yourself, but in the past seven years, it has become my greatest challenge. It is like I am trying to remember what I was like before the injury and trying to get back to “that Mary”. “That Mary” has evolved. “Focus Mary” for me is about getting back to my breath and focusing on the present because I can’t go back, I can’t rewind, or I can’t time travel. I can, however, focus. I can breathe. I can be present with my breath. I can be Mary.

It was an incredible experience to have Dr. Alman work with my dad and I during the same session. I’ve had therapy sessions before, but you never think about having a session with your father.

It is challenging to truly see and understand another person or for that person to feel like they are being understood. Dr. Alman allowed this to happen during our session by having my father and I do a role reversal. We switched seats, and each of us took the role of the other. While taking the role of my father, I could see and understand him better. Listening to my dad act as me was eye opening because I had to see myself through his viewpoint.

I believe the relationship between children and their parents is one of the most important relationships in one’s life. I do not think many people could imagine visiting a psychologist to have a session with their parent or child, but I found this to be extremely impactful. It is amazing how the power of vulnerability unveils itself in a safe space. Dr. Alman creates this safe space and makes you feel understood. I have spent seven years trying to feel understood, and Dr. Alman genuinely understood my story within minutes. I immediately knew he cared and wanted to help and see me win.

As an athlete, I am very familiar with being “in the zone,” and this is the best place to be! Dr. Alman reminded me of the importance of being “in the zone” with what he calls the last row perspective. Dr. Alman provided me with techniques on how to get to the last row, how to be myself, and how to work through my fear.

Dr. Alman has a gift of making powerful changes in a short amount of time. He gives you techniques that you can use right away to start improving your life. If you have been searching for someone to understand what you are going through, and you are ready to make a change, then I highly recommend Dr. Alman.
— Mary Episcopo, Colorado Springs