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Pain Control is within reach.  Your mind is the most powerful pharmacy in the world.  The biggest mistake a person can make is underestimating the power of their mind. 

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  • Acute pain — immediate signal of tissue damage — requires immediate attention from an MD, emergency room and ask your family and friends to help you right away.
  • Chronic pain — ongoing and after being medically evaluated — the focus is on pain control, comfort, being active, being flexible and getting your lifestyle going better.

Unfortunately, being in pain can become a full-time focus.  I know because I had chronic pain for 20 years and 95% of the time.  It took me 4 years to learn everything I could from the brightest MD’s, PhD's and pain experts to learn everything I could and now I’m free of pain 95% of the time. 
I will teach you everything I’ve learned — not surprisingly, the best pain experts that I learned from also had chronic pain as their teacher.  So, it’s not just professional training that we learn from — it’s also our personal journeys, complications and challenges with pain ourselves. The greatest techniques are a combination that very few people ever learn professionally or personally.  I will share everything with you — one on one training — phone or in-person, with my online courses and in my books.
I have so many techniques for pain control — that I’ve taught in pain clinics all around the world and they continue to use them and teach others all the time — that it is impossible that you won’t find one or more to help you immediately and long-term.

After nervously putting myself together the morning of my first session, I sat in Dr. Alman’s comfortable office and waited for him to arrive. It was 8:00 am, cloudy and cold. I had no idea what to expect and serious reservations. ‘What could he possibly accomplish (short of an exorcism!) in eight hours that I hadn’t been able to accomplish in 29 years?!’, I thought.

Within minutes of meeting Dr. Alman, I had my answer - a lot. I found Dr. Alman’s presence very calming and was instantly at ease. I quickly parted with the security of my lunch bag when he showed me a cooler perfectly packed with organic fruit, water and energy bars. He clearly had thought of everything. As we headed to the beach the conversation was easy and I found myself actually excited about the potential the day held.

The next six or so hours were spent in a beach chair with the emerging sun on my face, warm sand in my toes and at times, cool waves playing at my feet. I have never talked so freely about myself for such an extended period of time. I have also never had someone listen so intently without judgment. Dr. Alman’s selfless approach offered me gentle guidance along the
I explored a range of experiences and emotions, and throughout the session, I found comfort in answers I came to on my own. Importantly, Dr. Alman also gave me the tools to refocus on that comfort in future times of

When my family picked me up after my session they chuckled because I had come completely undone - my hair was a mess, the cuffs of my jeans were wet and my face sunburned - but then they smiled because they saw that I felt great. A healthy spirit is an incredible gift. Thank you, Dr. Alman.
— Chanda Gibson
I am in the middle of a divorce and now I am able to stay calm and relaxed. Dr. Alman’s techniques have changed my view of the importance of many stressful situations. I have a better view, I sleep better, and it’s amazing what this does to my work and private life. Thank you again for sharing your techniques with me.
— Erika Z.