Dr. Alman creates an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance for his clients in a comfortable, relaxed and easy environment. Private sessions are devoted to the best possible outcomes for the individual(s) with each session tailored to best suit your personality and needs. Please read the FAQ section for more details. 
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I heard that Dr. Alman has a free video program that outlines his signature technique, The Last Row Perspective. Where can I get that?

If you are new to Dr. Alman’s work, it is recommended that you watch a short video presentation on his clinically-proven stress reduction technique, The Last Row Perspective. You can can sign up for the FREE VIDEO PROGRAM by clicking here. You will be asked to enter your email address for access to the entire program after you watch the introduction video. Dr. Alman is also very generous in his newsletter and shares free videos and mind/body wellness resources for free when you sign up for the free video program.

What happens during a session?

A complete inner committee meeting is designed and created for day two. Finishing with unfinished business of childhood difficulties (depending on your ACE score) can take 3-6 hours. A complete understanding of how your mind works (and doesn’t work) with your feelings and your body becomes clearer than ever before, and your self-understanding starts helping you from the inside out.

It is generally recommended to reserve an hour of quiet time before and after each session to prepare and integrate using specific meditations, worksheets and tools Dr. Alman may provide before or after getting started working together.

What are some of the results I can expect?

After experiencing deep acceptance, you can expect to delve into the process of letting go of all the past issues that are holding you back or blocking your true self. Once the process of letting go has been achieved you move on to accessing Dr. Alman’s latest technique, The Last Row Perspective. A place where you can see the big picture and resolve your mind and body issues with your own best solutions.

What kind of support does he provide after the session?

Before day two is completed, you and Dr. Alman will co-create the best strategies to integrate your new learning into your everyday life. Recordings are made for you to use anytime, and these are emailed or sent by text. For one year, follow-up by text and email is included in your session, to further guarantee that you are integrating your new learning into your everyday life. As a bonus, Dr. Alman is well-known for sending occasional follow-up video messages from the beach at no additional charge.

Where do his sessions take place?

Dr. Brian Alman’s office is located in coastal San Diego county in Del Mar, California. He is best known for his all-day private sessions at the beach - water, food, chairs, umbrellas and sunblock are provided, along with Dr. Alman’s humor and sense of adventure. For clients who cannot see Dr. Alman in person, phone sessions are also available.

I’m already seeing (or have seen) a therapist/psychologist. Are we a good fit for each other?

A lot of Dr. Alman’s clients have had experience with other therapists and psychologists, many of whom refer clients directly. For the most part, these previous experiences have been positive and impactful, however, Dr. Alman can usually lead clients to find the missing link and experience extraordinary results. Whether you have been working with other therapists, or this is your first session, Dr. Alman can often take clients to the next level of understanding. As part of your wellness care team, some people will decide continue to work with other doctors, healers, coaches and therapists and even include them in their sessions with Dr. Alman. He is well-known to be the specialist people come to who have gotten stuck in their healing process and are ready for a breakthrough.