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Get to Sleep Tonight

30 Years of Scientific Research is Now Yours

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Does the thought of a good night’s sleep seem like a far off dream?
It’s time to wake up and stop dreaming. Dr. tested and approved “Beauty Sleep” is now a reality. 
As you read every word on this page you will begin to absorb new ideas about how to sleep better. I will give you the key to unlock the mysteries of a great night’s sleep Please read on to discover… 


Why You Can’t Sleep

When you go to bed at night, you unknowingly unlock a Pandora’s Box of stress and strain on your mind. During the day you take on a ton of problems and more than your fair share of stress. 
In your wide-awake state you either deal with these occurrences as they happen, or like most people you sweep them away into a dusty corner of your mind, to be dealt with later.
Over a period of a few years you do this little anti-sleep dance thousands of times. It’s no wonder you can’t get to sleep.
Your mind is racing as the flood gates of all your pent up stress are released. You see, as you lie down to sleep you send your mind sends a signal out that it is okay to deal with everything now. 
Because you feel tired your mind takes the opportunity to dump its heavy load of problems right into the lap of your rest time, thereby depriving you of much needed sleep.

FINALLY a good night’s sleep is not a dream!! Thank you so much Dr. Alman for your fabulous work. I sleep soundly and 7 hours straight now thanks to you!!
— Joe S, Arlington, MA
I wake up feeling wonderful all the time now that I use Dr Alman’s techniques when going to bed
And now get real solid stress free sleep. THANK YOU!
— Bob Darston, Springfield, VA
Falling asleep has always been easy but restless after only an hour. Now with Dr Alman’s
techniques I stay asleep the entire night.
— Peter L. Houston, TX
Stress in my life kept waking me all night long. I was tired all the time so I decided to work with Dr. Alman thinking I had nothing to lose. 2 weeks later and I’ve slept straight through. Every single night and wake up with a smile and ready to deal with everything.
— Robin S. Orlando, FL