Dr. Brian Alman, Ph.D. and author of 7 books, is a world renowned mind-body wellness expert on stress management, mindfulness, and resilience.

He has been featured on national television and radio shows, and travels worldwide as a keynote speaker at corporations and universities on topics such as:

  • Weight loss

  • Anxiety, addiction and depression

  • PTSD, ACE (adverse childhood experiences) and trauma

  • Helping kids with stress

  • Clinically-proven mindfulness and meditation techniques


Keynote Speaking Topics - Stress and Wellness Expert

Dr. Alman is a well-versed expert and speaker on clinically-proven mind-body wellness techniques. Some example keynote topics include:

  • Confidence, Resilience & Clinically-Proven Mindfulness Solutions

  • Stress Management Techniques that Work in 60-Seconds or Less

  • How to Utilize Your Inner Critic as a Teacher to Bridge Open-Mindedness and Optimism

  • Conflict-Resolution: Resolving Emotions & Relationships (Past, Present & Future)

  • How to Stop Anxiety & Redirect Your Energy Immediately for Long-Term Results

  • How to Stay Motivated at Work and with Personal Goals Using a Positive Mindset

  • Wellness ROI: Longevity and Quality of Life Strategies for Health & Happiness

Examples of Keynote Talks by Dr. Alman (Click Below To Learn More)

Positive Change: The Last Row Perspective

The best teachers throughout time have taught that in life, the positive view is the realistic view. Dr. Brian Alman will teach you the tools & skills that make positive change a simple & powerful reality using his clinically-proven techniques, including “The Last Row Perspective”.

  • Positive change is not only possible, but inevitable.
  • Go with the flow of your emotions to find the gold within your true authentic self.
  • Dive deep safely and comfortably into negativity to find your way to relaxation, inner peace, calm power, inner freedom, and health with happiness.

The Last Row Perspective may help you feel more positive, free, alive, energized, and relaxed almost immediately. When you find the right technique for yourself, you will more easily discover your own best answers to your biggest (inner and outer) challenges.

Kids, Stress, and How to Develop Their Self-Confidence

Every generation is supposed to get smarter… but is this still true? Is face-to-face communication, including empathy and the art of listening, disappearing completely? In this talk, Dr. Alman will discuss how technology (phones, tablets, video games, social media) may and may not be ruining the new generation of children. As language skills are deteriorating, being replaced by text abbreviations and emojis, and the generation gap is becoming more like the Grand Canyon than ever before, what can we do about it? Dr. Alman will present 5 areas of positive change that will connect the older and newer generations:

  • The New Family Time - Online and Unplugged
  • The New Solo Time - Enjoying Your Free Time Even More
  • The New Creative Family Time - Ways to Share Ideas
  • The New Games People Play (Making These More Fun for All Ages)
  • The New You (Old You Gets to Stay)
  • Dealing with the Dangerous New World & PTSD With the intensity of current political events, school shootings, and terrorist activity, the world is becoming more dangerous than ever before. That’s because the danger is now right here where we live, no longer thousands of miles away. We cannot ignore or deny these problems any longer. PTSD effects more than just war Veterans. Trauma including adults who had difficult childhoods, as well as difficult times in the present moment. The biggest questions are: How do we deal with all this? How do we teach our children to deal with this? And how do we not panic and live with courage?

In this talk, Dr. Brian Alman presents five proactive things we can all do to help ourselves, our loved ones, and each other during times of stress, fear and danger: Understand all sides of the problems. Discover multiple solutions that can work simultaneously. “Stop the madness,” as his friend, Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank ofen says. Create masterminds for peace and prosperity based on micro-lending programs already in place. Utilize music, art, entertainment and financial opportunities. This topic is explored in detail in Dr. Alman’s Book, Your Inner Voice, with the ACE Quiz.

Mental Toughness and Calm Power: Living in the Present

The purpose of this mental fitness workshop is to help you live (and perform) less in the past and the future, and more in the present moment: in the “now” or “in the zone.” By consulting your past, you can ask for advice on current matter and utilize its experience to help guide you forward.

  • In performance (including sports) the past self is challenged every moment with old problems to solve, new adjustments to make, new moves to help you score.
  • Do the opposite & allow your past to dictate your performance, making us respond in rushed, unpredictable or fight or flight ways (when in doubt, go deeper).
  • The best performances in work, sports and relationships actually expands the size of the present so that you are a step ahead.
  • Utilize all eight senses at the same time to be able to reinstate a state of ease, calm and confidence and discover it’s almost effortless…future focused.
  • Presence…. Is it a combination of your past and future?
  • These same techniques have taught with great success to Olympic Athletes, NFL players, professional WTA & ATP Tennis stars, PGA & WPGA Golfer and World Cup Soccer players.

Dr. Brian Alman is a regular keynote speaker at Fortune 500 companies, Ivy League colleges, corporate conferences, educational seminars and health retreats. His most popular talk topics are on stress management, resilience, positive mindfulness, empowering relationships, self-development, conflict resolution, team-building and emotional wellness.

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Companies, Organizations and Schools that are using Dr. Alman’s Strategies:

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Television/News/Talk Shows

Do you need an guest on your news show, TV talk show, or radio show? Dr. Brian Alman is a seasoned media expert who has regular appearances on local news networks, radio shows and podcasts, and has been featured on ‘The Doctors Show’ on national television.

Media agencies turn to Dr. Alman as a stress expert for current events such as school shootings, national tragedies, PTSD including war veterans and troubled family histories, addiction recovery and weight loss.

He is well-known for supporting high-profile people with successful careers like A-List actors, rockstar musicians, Olympians and professional athletes on how to get to the strongest and calmest mindsets.

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Dr. Brian Alman is the author of 7 books, has been published in clinical medical journals, and has been interviewed or featured as an expert in national publication such as the New York Times and Associated Press along with regional newspapers. He is available for expert interviews and writing opportunities.

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Dr. Brian Alman is Available to Hire as a Reliable Media Expert Guest on Stress Management, Mind-Body Wellness and Mindfulness

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